Monday, June 18, 2007

Social and Hip

Remember Web 2.0 is all about community, user generated content, user ownership. Well so in the community side the net is a neverending source for new ways of connecting with people, either friends, profesional contacts, flirtings, etc.

And it seems that virtual world follows the real world patterns in terms of socializing. In real world hip clubs are just ephemeraly hip . Therefore, last year being hip was all about Myspace for friends or Match for love and romance. But if today you want to be virtual and
social, the scene is changing and relatively new websites are conquering the Hip (some of these websites have been around for a while but now it's THEIR MOMENT).

Here are the Hip's territory 2007:

Twitter is a mini-blog, an "moment's blog". Example you are in a park, reading a book, you have an inspiring moment and you want to share in with the Internet community. Use Twitter, you send a free sms/mms and it's automatically post it online for everybody, among them your friends get the update on their mobile phones. It's free, it's easy, it's spontaneous, think about it is pretty cool, no long writing not even computer, all through your mobile if you want.

eHarmony is all about.... MARRIAGE!!! yeap, it's not for flirting, it's not for casual relations, it;s to get married. You sign in and you pass a neverending test, 436 QUESTIONS!!! you get directly related with someone. It's gone so far with the test that some people have been considered not qualified and therefore have been rejected from the website (gay associations have complaint about the discrimination that they suffer in eHarmony). If you want a more democratic and less politically/boring correct website check

Facebook bases its social connection on a very specific criteria, University community. Facebook reconnects ancient University friends. here in the States, all the cool universities students are joining the Facebook network, big success!!!

As you see, does any of this websites provides a radically differential feature ?? not really, but, have you ever gone to the hip club of your city because it had something really new that the old one didn't have ?? I believe your answer is not. Except maybe for Twitter and it's mobile phone blogging, it is all about keeping surfing on the hip wave, today it's here, tomorrow it's going to be somewhere else but the wave will still be the same.

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