Saturday, June 16, 2007


THE DOG WHISPERER. On the National Geographic Channel, where Cesar Millan, a dog behavior specialist, rehabilitates problem dogs. I wonder if his program is more about educating owners. The main problem owners have is that they treat dogs as humans. And this is the lesson from Cesar: dogs are dogs… Bog Wow!!

THE MINDFREAK. Not suitable for rational people, or too bitter personalities. With such a holy name, Criss Angel is a magician,… well you better check it out: (image is not of a good quality but still worth seeing. Careful… not appropriate for sensitive viewers, you’ll freak out)

KEY ATTRIBUTES. TV in the US has basically three essential attributes: REALITY + PERFORMANCE + IMPACT. Because of the impact attribute when I go to bed I’m loaded with stress and anxiety. Because of the performance one, when I go to bed I have low self-esteem because I cannot make a cake that looks exactly like Neuschwanstein Castle

. US TV you basically watch commercials (approximately every 2 min 23 sec). I must say they are pretty helpful. They helped me to realize that I need a diet, insurance against absolutely everything, and a cocktail of medicines against the multiple diseases that, thanks to TV, I know now that I

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