Saturday, June 16, 2007


STOP SIGNS. When you find a stop sign you MUST stop. It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of the desert

SENIORS. Have you heard of this type of species?? I haven’t but apparently in some specific areas in the cities you can have a sudden encounter with one, watch the signs

. When it comes to food it seems quality relies on a set of three adjectives, prime and fine and world’s. This way you can go for a fine dinning, eat prime ribs or even get a fine espresso and you’ll see plenty of the world’s best something

COFFE BARS. Bars in the Bay Area are simply great, nice atmosphere, great choice, etc. Here is some advice to make your bar experience even better. Advice number one, there is no table without a laptop, bring yours otherwise you’ll feel lonely. Advice number two, chat with your neighbor, he's probably someone really interesting (last Sunday we met a scientist whose uncle was a noble prize winner). Advice number three, don’t try to order a cortado, they simply won’t understand the concept.

HOMELESS. Have you ever seen a homeless person with a shopping cart full of stuff??? You probably have, it’s pretty common. BUT have you ever seen a homeless person with a shopping cart, full stuff and a flat screen computer connected to the internet watching Youtube videos ??? Go to The Haights in San Francisco, you’ll probably see the one I saw last week (the person in the picture is not the one i saw)

PARKING. If you go to Chinatown you may park your car at the Panda’s floor, the floor of Strength, Bravery and Honesty. This way, while parking your car you can become a Zen Master, for “5 dollars and hour”, who said parking was expensive in this city???

STICKERS. You’re kid does well at school, you are proud of him, you can have a sticker, your neighbors can see it, your neighbors can admire your kid, nice virtuous circle


Oriol said...

I paid a visit to SF a couple of years ago... try to discover a fine toy shop at the Haights called something like "I Robot"... I bought myself a couple of "ugly dolls" (they're just fine!) that I keep for my first daughter (to be born in a few months...)!!!!

Aniol said...

Fantàstic Àlex! Amb la visita virtual he pogut olorar, escoltar, sentir i palpar els carrers, la gent i l'ambient de SF. Gràcies!

LaMalaMalísima said...

Osti Àlex, posa el freno que t'acabaràs els temes en 3 setmanes!!!

La foto del homeless sembla que sigui de l'entrada anterior dels bars i els laptops, he flipat un rato amb el glamour dels Sonores :-)

Avui em posaré al dia de les vostres històries que estic tirada a casa amb lumbago... em penso que he recuperat el meu status d'hipocondríaca corporativa (encara que sigui per poc...)

Apa, petons!!