Monday, August 6, 2007

If you drink bottled water think maybe you'd like to reconsider...

Tap water in developed countries IS GOOD. In some places, such as Barcelona and New York it tastes horrible, but is still perfectly healthy. In San Francisco for instance the water comes straight from Yosemite national park and it's so good that they do not even have to filter it. So except if you are from New York or Barcelona, DRINK TAP WATER!!!

Fiji Water is after Evian, the second best selling upscale water in the United States. It is real Fijian water bottled in the Fiji Islands and shipped to the US. For each liter of Fiji water, The total amount of water used to produce and deliver one bottle of imported water is 6.74kg. And the amount of GHGs (Green House Gases) released amount to 250g, or 0.25kg, or 0.00025 tons (imagine, they have to ship the bottles from China to Fiji and then the water bottles from Fiji to US). On top of that , access to drinking water in Fiji is around 43%. So please, DRINK TAP WATER !!!!!!!!!

Pepsico and Coca Cole have their respective water brands Aquafina and Dasani. Both belong to the Purified type of water. This means municipal water, also known as tap water that is bottled. They do some chemical treatment that they then sell as purification. It sounds as if they where blessing the water. Well, what they are really doing is simply unifying taste among. This means, there are Aquafina bottling plants all over the US, and Europe, using the municipal waters of different cities. If they did nothing all this perfectly healthy waters would taste different because they come from different cities, so no brand consistency. That's why they have to purify the water, to make Aquafina or Dasani taste the same no matter where you are. So please DRINK TAP WATER !!!!!!!!

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