Friday, August 31, 2007

Joybubbles died... well not so sure

I had no idea who Joybubbles was until I heard about his death last 8th of August, he was 58. As soon as I red about Joybubbles (whose birth name was Joe Engressia, until 1991, when he became Joybubbles) I once again realised how resilient human beings are. Here's some hints about Joybubbles:

He was blind from birth, suffered abuses at school and at home due to the pressure placed on him by his mother

He was a crazy genius, IQ around 170.

Made himself arrested twice in order to get visibility in the phone industry

Had many different jobs (he had a prodigious smell and worked for the Agricultural faculty of Mineapolis to investigate how to control the odor of hog excrement)

Created his own church: Church of Eternal Childhood

He was one of the first hackers, in the 70's enjoyed having free phone calls by whistling the tones, it was the tone-based age (BY WHISTLING!!! do you realise this. He was 5 y.o. when he first disconnected a phone). By then hackers named themselves Phreacks and Joybubbles was the icon. Guess who followed him, Steve Wozniack and Steve Jobs, the Apple guys

Think about it, he was extreme, for sure, but he really lived his live, from begging to the end

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