Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Flight tech, flight no tech

I. Remember the sign with the cigarette crossed?? Well here's the new sign I've found on a US Airways flight to Miami this morning. It is not anymore about being addicted to smoking, it is about being addicted to Electronic Devices. Addictions change but do not disappear.

II. Just in case, too much time without mobile phone you can always relax in these classic and beautiful rocking chair, low tech, grandma style that the guys from Charlotte international airport have all over. Isn't it great?? my only concern is whether or not these rocking chairs have Bluetooth :)

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Oriol said...

Did you take the picture with an electronic device???????????? Watch out for air-cops!!!!!!!!!! Eventually you can take pics or listen to your iPod in the plane's toilet... It's more quiet and allows you to do other useful things at the same time...

Alex said...