Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Labeled honesty and brand lazyness

I buy organic products, I believe they are healthy and respectful, that's good. On the other side when observing the wide and fast spread of the words organix and simlar, I have the feeling that brands have a total lack of honesty and respect and that's why they need to label themselves as honest.

Last week when visiting a vineyard in Napa valley, the Niebaum Coppola, the guy told us that their wines had been organic since Francis ford Coppola took over the company in the late 70's. the thing is they have never labeled any of their wines organic. They are simply what they are, a honest product, respectful that has never played with the consumer's respect.

Once again we have to encourage people to go beyond the brand and get to know what's behind. More and more the brand awareness has been an excuse for consumer laziness. The future is about the opposite, is about consumer awareness that would bring the brand to a sort of brand laziness state, where no more labeling will be required

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