Friday, November 16, 2007

Hummer with a fuel efficiency of 60 miles per gallon

At FastCompany this month you can find an interesting article about fuel efficiency that shows once more that increase fuel efficiency is not a technology issue. The technology is out there and great individuals like Johnathan Goodwin and his company SAE energy are doing great stuff. His recipe to change the paradigm and dramatically reduce fuel consumption in the US is based on three steps:

1. More Diesel engines. Pound per pound, more power, 40% better mileage and 20% less emissions. just this switch could improve 40% nations mileage as well as become a platform for all the Biodiesel industry with almost zero technological innovation

2. Start produce Diesel-electric hybrid cars. As the Fast company article points our, this would double the mileage even on the bigger cars.

3. Move on and get into the the "dual fuel" mode. this is combine a electric engine with two other fuels, one would still be Biodiesel, the other could be hydrogen, ethanol, natural gas, etc.

That's where SAE Energy is already and the reason why they are able to get 60 miles per gallon out of a Hummer H3.

Once more we are facing an Economical problem here, an oligopolistic market that impedes or at least slows down the new available solutions to get to the market. It is not about technology it is about economy.

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