Sunday, November 4, 2007

Para pensar

A person in relation with the gods he or she buys:

If you are an individual does this frame reflect your behavior? And if you are a business, where do your products fit?

Given the fact that all the products are owned in this frame, I believe that long term customer loyalty happens just in those products that make it to the end, this is that people not just own, but do consider to us, carry around and end up effectively using.

If you detect your product makes it to the second stage, this is people own it and may consider using it but end up not doing it you should start asking questions such as, what's the missing attribute in my product, is it about emotions? is it about functions? If you are a step further, this is your product is carried then maybe there aren't any function missing and all the emotional component is there but your product probably suffers from a mediocre interface, work on that.

If we take this frame as individuals, we better start rethinking our priorities in life, it seems that most part of us are living a huge owned life, with lots of stuff, that we never end-up using, and this is sad, really sad. Maybe we should start consider our lives from a use perspective and not from an ownership position. Are you ready to become a User and forget about being an Owner?? Think about it

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