Friday, July 27, 2007

Amazon sociology

Today I did a simple exercise. Looked in amazon books best selling list in different countries. Goal, see if there are specific issues that particularly capture the different countries attention (criteria: which issues have more than one book in the best selling list).
  • Everybody is crazy about Potter, although France doesn't care so much about the magician
  • They are all interested in religion but here's the thing, there a trend of anti-religion books (Canada, US and Germany)
  • They all care about food, but US cares more about how to eat less, it's all about diet
  • The novels are reality based, they are almost geopolitics book. France and Canada is about Darfur and US is about Islam
  • About Self-development: in the US is about spirituality as a mean for soul development. In Frances is about rational games as a mean for intellectual development
Potter + Healthier Food + Deeper Spirit seems to be the book Trinity of the moment. Not bad

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