Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The stewed pork effect

If you want to create loyalty among your customers here's a powerful tool: The stewed pork effect

In Sant Mateo, there's this tiny Japanese restaurant (about 8 tables) where they serve some of the best ramen of the Bay. It's name SANTA RAMEN (amen!)

On a normal day you should expect 30-45 minutes waiting time. What is the success factor of Santa Ramen ?? Their secret tool, THE STEWED PORK EFFECT. Their ramen selection is very short, and among all the ramen their offer the star is the stewed pork ramen. But you know what!!, every day, about 30 minutes after they've opened the tiny restaurant, a smiley girl comes out and post a paper on the door that says "Stewed pork ramen, sold out". Here are the results of such powerful tool:

1. You immediately have a strong feeling of challenge, "one day I'll get to try the Stewed Pork Ramen"

2. A wanna be effect. You feel you need to a part of the elite that has had Stewed Pork Ramen

3. Organic and local effect. Their Stewed Pork Ramen has to be the freshest ever, the pigs probably run freely along the hills of the Bay

4. The inventory management effect. You are already there so who cares you'll still eat there. So you end up eating Rosted Pork Ramen.

5. The final satisfaction. The Rosted Pork Ramen are sooo gooood also!!! By the wime you finish the bowl you no more remember the original goal, the Stewed Pork Ramen, you are happy and satisfied. Good tip and until next day when you realize there's something missing in your life, the Stewed Pork Ramen from Santa Ramen in San Mateo

As you see, the Stewed Pork Ramen Effect provides a cheap (piece of paper, pen and tape) tool that generates strong costumer loyalty, increasing customer satisfaction, provides an experiential dimension to your business and generates a sense of belonging

Yeap!! AMEN!!!!!!

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