Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ecologically conscious: still a long way to go

At the Hollywood Bowl in LA every time they host a concert they have some nice initiatives to collect money for fair initiatives. Last weekend they were collecting money for young musicians, for every signature a person did in some big white boards spread all over the theater a financial institution was going to donate one dollar. In exchange for your signature they gave everybody a little pin shaped as an instrument with blinking lights on it

Here is the point. Inside each pin you can find two button cell batteries. Yes you are right, these batteries that are highly pollutant . Do you imagine how many people will not be aware of this little detail, and therefore will through the pin into the garbage?

I have already sent an email to the Hollywood Bowl to let them know about, what seems to me, a huge mistake. Learning, it seems that there is still lots of work to do to change peoples mind and get everybody always aware of what taking care of the environment means. What worries me is that even charitable actions (you would assume they are sensitive to these issues) also have a long way to go.

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