Monday, July 9, 2007

Me and the net

What you did and bought vs what you do and get for free!!!!!!

Before I never really red magazines, newspapers, etc. ...... now I keep track on world information using Google reader -
My dad bought an encyclopedia and a few dictionaries.... I do Webster - and Wikipedia - and
Word Reference -

to find a new restaurant I had to buy the Michelin guide, now I just check what people say on Yelp -

Before I had a business card holder and a contacts book...... Now I manage my professional contacts using Linkedin -

My favorite stuff??? in a box??? ... Now is all Delicious - del.ici.ous

How many times did I start writting a diary and writting letters... well now, like everybody else I simply blog. Blogger -

My pictures never reached an album,...... now I've become a photo editor and publisher using Picasa -

Get the cheapest ticket?? Well it depended on how good and trustful the travel agent was,.. now just do some metasearching with Kayak -

Before when I wanted to buy something I relied on my friends opinion...... now you can get advise on Consumers Report - (the only paying one!!)

Before if you were bored you turned on the TV now you can do some discovery with Stumble Upon - or watch some movies with Jaman -

And of course, before to listen music I had to buy CD's or even K-7,... now I just use Pandora for music and iTunes for eveything else , essentially podcasts www.pandora

Listen radio on Pandora Radio - And of course, music and podcast go to itunes -

And i keep a list of books I should read at Amazon

And you know what all of these tools have in common, they're just built to help , and they charge the advertiser, not the user !!!!!!

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