Monday, July 9, 2007

Sharing bites

What's hot in the Baynet?? Basically anything that deals with you expressing yourself and connecting with others, 2.0. and the further we get in this trend the less time we have, the more friends we know, the more things we want to share, it's an explosion of community and creativity.

this is about blogging but not exactly, it focuses on your passions, books, movies, restaurants, stores, etc., it is not about long posts it is about bites of knowledge you want to share. and talking about sharing, the ads posted on Squidoo also contribute to charity !!!


Again some sort of blog but again is about short bites and not long stories. You are about to go to bed ? so just share it, you wake up?? so just share it. Twitter is basically about instant sharing, using both your computer and your mobile.

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